The Indian Craft Shop in Washington DC

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2019)

Our plans for this morning focus on the Indian Craft Shop at the Department of the Interior, the hardest shop to find in all of DC.As discussed in previous posts, this fabulous art gallery is located inside Interior’s massive office building. There is no sign outside the building. Inside the building things don’t look any more promising, but once you get a building pass and pass through security you can see a tiny sign halfway down the hallway that identifies a doorway as the Indian Craft Shop. I’m quite sure it’s the same sign that announced the shop’s location back in FDR’s administration.

Anyway, once you find the place, the shop is a treasure trove of art and jewelry, all beautifully displayed beneath the shop’s original murals by Allan Houser and Gerald Nailor.

It makes for an odd setting, but the quality and selection available here is great. It is definitely my favorite shop in DC.

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