To Gustavus via a Tiny Plane

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)
We need to get from Juneau to the tiny town of Gustavus, which sits at the entrance to Glacier Bay. During the summer there are a number of regular flights into Gustavus, as well as limited ferry service. However, now that the peak season has come to an end, Air Excursions was our only reasonable option for traveling between the two cities.


I’m eager to get to the airport and check-in, as my dealings with Air Excursions thus far have been pleasant, but unexpectedly informal. For example, when reserving our flights, I wasn’t required to provide a credit card number and when inquiring about receiving a confirmation I was told: “You don’t need one. I wrote it in the book myself. I’m the only one here, so just tell them Cam took care of it if there’s any question.” Last night when I called to confirm our reservation I laughed when I was asked to hang on a moment while she checked “the book”, but the agent also laughed: “Yup, we write it in a book. No computer here!”

I’m thinking I’m going to like this airline a lot.

At the airport we are cheerfully greeted, promptly checked-in, our extra bag sent off for storage, and assured that a cab will be arranged to meet us on our arrival in Gustavus. Perfect.

Soon the pilot arrives and escorts us and the other passenger on our flight to the plane. It turns out to be the smallest plane I have ever flown in (smaller even than the flight-seeing helicopters) and perhaps the smallest plane I have ever even seen close-at-hand. It is really tiny.

We slip in, buckle up, and in a matter of moments Juneau, the sea, and the surrounding mountains disappear behind the clouds.

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