Reid Glacier, Alaska

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2020)

We are setting off on a gray morning that is misty with rain.

The water churns a bit – making me reach for my sea sickness patches – as we motor through the Sitakaday Narrows, but soon enough we are in the Whidbey Passage and the current settles down.

Now I can enjoy the scenery.

This is a beautiful place, but the cold damp weather makes it tempting to just sit inside and watch the scenery pass by behind Kate as she works in the galley to make sure we are well-supplied with hot beverages and tasty treats.

Ah. Such a lovely, lazy day!

Our destination today is Reid Glacier, a fast-moving (as glaciers go) river of ice that towers above the water.

Today it is very, very still and quiet.

The glacier is beautiful and fascinating, but the air coming off of it is icy cold. While a walk along the beach to examine it more closely is tempting, an early dinner in the warm cabin is even more enticing. Further glacier exploration will need to wait until tomorrow.

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