The Great Sea

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

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Lane has always wanted to visit Glacier Bay as part of this trip, but it isn’t a particularly easy place to get to and only a few cruise ships are granted permits. It wasn’t included in the Majestic American cruise we had originally booked, so the cancellation of that cruise gave us a second opportunity to try to get there.

In the end we settled on an operation I found on the internet called Woodwind Sailing Adventures. Aside from the minor fact that I couldn’t find a single independent source of information on the company, it sounded perfect – a sailing adventure led by an experienced captain (and talented amateur photographer) on a custom-made boat.

That boat is the Great Sea, a 40′ catamaran that sleeps eight. On this late-season trip there will only be Lane and I; Captain Fritz and his wife, cook and naturalist Kate; and their friends Amy and Judith.

Fritz welcomes us on board, informs the others that we are hiding out from the Republican convention, and assures all of us that he subscribes to Sirus radio, so no one will need to miss a moment of convention coverage. We all groan and laugh.

I think we are going to have a very good time.

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