Gallery Hopping in Portland, Oregon

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)
Tonight’s activity seems tailor-made for me – a mini gallery tour in the Pearl District, complete with fancy food and local wines!
Along the way we stop at Tanner Springs Park, a fabulous urban oasis.
photos by Andrea Grygo Diamond


Then it is off to the galleries in search of food and beverages. (And art.)

My favorite stops:

Bullseye Gallery
, featuring a stunning exhibit of glass by Jeffery Sarmiento and sushi rolls.

Jeffrey Sarmiento – Encyclopedia v.14 (enameled and cast glass) – Bulleye Gallery

The Museum of Contemporary Craft with a great Manuf®actured exhibit featuring everyday objects that have been transformed into art in unexpected and intriguing ways.

I’m particularly fond of the work of Livia Marin, one piece of which is made up of 2214 different sculpted lipsticks;

the work of Cat Chow, which consists of fabulous clothing made of nothing but zippers;

and that of Harriet Estel Berman, who makes elaborate teacups and other forms out of pieces of old metal dollhouses.

The museum also has some old friends on display, in the form of a fabulous exhibit of ceramics by Gertrude and Otto Natzler. I’ve had the great treat of seeing the Natzlers’ work a few times in the past and I’m pleased to be able to enjoy these elegant pieces once again.


Waterstone Gallery is showing watercolors by Scott C Johnson. His work is unbelievably wistful and dreamy.

Scott C Johnson – The Old Oak (watercolor)


Scott C Johnson – Finding Center (watercolor)

At the Froelick Gallery I discover exquisite jewel-like birds by Rene Rickabaugh.

Rene Rickabaugh – Sky King (Epoxy, resin, paper, wood, watercolor & varnish)


Rene Rickabaugh – Rock’n Robin (Epoxy, resin, paper, wood, watercolor & varnish)
Rene Rickabaugh – Good Henry (Epoxy, resin, paper, wood, watercolor & varnish)
Rene Rickabaugh – Thunderbird (Epoxy, resin, paper, wood, watercolor & varnish)
Rene Rickabaugh – Crane Jane (sculpture – – Epoxy, resin, paper, wood, watercolor & varnish)

Having had our fill of art, we head over to join a larger group of our colleagues at the Deschutes Brew Pub before moving on to Henry’s Tavern.

There are a lot more enticing night spots in the Pearl District, but it’s long past my bedtime. Time to call it a night.

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