Leaving it All Behind

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

I worked until just after noon today, ran home for a quick lunch and refrigerator clearing, then took off for the airport for our 2:30 flight.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to be sitting on this plane, to be headed somewhere else.

The last few weeks have been crazy, with too much to do both at home and work. So much seems to have happened in the short time since I returned from Duluth – too much too fast. In some ways it is a terrible time to head off on vacation, but it is such a relieve to be going.

Unfortunately, this trip won’t be as relaxed as it should be. After spending part of the weekend and several late nights spent at work, I am packed, but otherwise not prepared for this trip. I haven’t made reservations for Juneau or Gustavus, followed up on details for the Glacier Bay tour, or gathered information on things we might want to do in any of the places we are visiting. I’m leaving the house a mess, basically just tossing the keys to a neighbor and hoping for the best. On the plus side, I actually feel I’ve done a reasonable job of packing and we finally did book a Prince William Sound tour, make the Denali bus reservations, finalize our lodging in Hope, and confirm with Art and Jody on when we will be in town. That will have to do.

It’s nice to be off.

Now if I can just relax.

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