Almost Up-close and Personal with Exit Glacier

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)
After yesterday’s glacier gazing I’m really excited about this morning’s plans – a visit to Exit Glacier, where you can actually walk up and touch the ice. Cool!

It’s a lovely drive and we have good views of the glacier along the way. Since there are no moose around 🙂 so I have to be satisfied with the glacier views – good thing they are suitably dramatic!

Once we get to the park, we follow a trail through the woods that leads to the glacier. The trail really goes through the woods – and for most of the hike, all you see are trees and undergrowth. Thus, it is a bit of a surprise to come out along the river and see how close the glacier is.

It is even more of a surprise to climb a slight rise and discover the trail provides sweeping views across the valley the glacier has created.


And then we come to the glacier itself.

You can’t touch it anymore, at least not from here. And, while it’s interesting to see it up-close and trace its path as it has retreated over time, I’m disappointed. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this very large, still, and silent block of ice isn’t it.

I wonder what I’d find if I followed that trickle of water to that hidden stream? It looks intriguing. . . I wonder how I would get down there? And how waterproof are my hiking boots anyway?

Next time.

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