Bridge Building in Minneapolis

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(Last Updated On: November 22, 2019)

I got to take a field trip to Minneapolis to see the new Interstate 35 W bridge construction.

It’s quite a project — even if my view of it was hindered a bit by the fencing.

I even got to watch them move a section into place, which was an amazingly quick and precise process.

Even the details are pretty fascinating.

The location is pretty dramatic too!

I learned how they’ll close up the gap between the two sections. . . I might have to come back to watch that!

These were all taken standing on the 10th Avenue bridge, so you can stop by and check it out too. (The view from the Guthrie is also supposed to be great.) Of course, if you can’t get to Minneapolis this summer, you can always follow the action on Mn/DOT’s bridge web cam. There is also a link to archived images that lets you see the project progress over time.

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