Music in Mali

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

There are places I’ve always wanted to see just because I heard them when I was a child and couldn’t believe they were real. I’ve had the great privilege of seeing many of those places and most have exceeded my imagining (a few have turned out to be pretty uninspiring). Others, I’m sure, have simply slipped from mind or lost the magic they held for me when I was a child.

But there are still a few places that remain on that childhood “to do” list that I would like to get to. One of those is Timbuktu, although I think it is Mali itself — with it’s ancient dwellings, shifting dunes, and nomadic people — that actually speaks to me.

And now the New York Times tells me that Mali is also home to what seems like a perfect music festival!

Watching the video makes me really want to be there.


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2 thoughts on “Music in Mali”

  1. I always wanted to go to Mali too and see Timbuktu. Sadly, times have changed since the coup d’etat and traveling up north probably isn’t sensible just now. But maybe one day, it will be safe to travel there and I’ll be able to tick that off my bucket list.

    1. I’m still hoping that Timbuktu can be on my travel list someday. I had Syria on my dream list too. Even if it were to be safe someday (which seems so unlikely now 🙁 it seems that most of the cultural sites and people I wanted to see are gone now. At one point we seemed to be moving to a world of peace, interconnectedness, and understanding. . . sadly that seems to be vanishing.

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