Waikiki: 5 p.m.

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2019)

Previous Post: Asian OasisAfter a relaxed morning that included dim sum and the Honolulu Academy of the Arts, Dawn drops us off at our hotel along Waikiki Beach.

We check in and head up to our room, which turns out to have great views of Waikiki. Yay!

It is another stunningly beautiful day and, on the street below our lanai, the local college football team is celebrating a successful season with a parade. There are marching bands (including one playing from a trolley – how come Mr. Rader never let us do that?!) and lots of football players and cheerleaders. There are even a few floats, including ones for the port authority and the new Superferry, which I find amusing.

We relax on our lani, watching the scene unfold below.

This is a good place to be

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