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(Last Updated On: March 20, 2019)

Ah, yes, memories of paradise recently visited.


At least the temperature here is no longer sub-zero. Still, I’d MUCH rather be back in Hawaii.

The posts:

Hawaii at Last (June 14, 2007)

Gate 60 (Sunday, January 06)

Our flight from Honolulu to Kauai leaves from Gate 60.

This is the last gate in this part of the airport and, while not open to the air, it has huge windows on three sides that provide a glimpse of spiky green mountains on one side and a low dark rise on the other. Mostly I see palm trees and dark blue sky.

I think I’m going to like it here.

Waimea Canyon (Monday, January 7 – Kauai)

Around Our Neighborhood in Po’ipu (Tuesday, January 8 – Kauai)
Plants, Plants, and More Plants
Kauai from the Air
Sunset Down the Street

Neighborhood Wildlife (Wednesday, January 9 – Kauai)
Spouting Horn
Wailua Falls
Route 580

Sunrise From Our Beach (Thursday, January 10 – Kauai)
Puff the Magic Dragon Lived by the Sea
Na Pali from Ground Level
The Gardens of Bali Ha’i
Beach Time?
Lighthouse Birds
Tropical Beauty Enough for Everyone (Friday, January 11- Hawaii)
Akaka Falls

Sunset from our Window

Our B & B is located at the very southernmost end of the island and it takes longer to get there than I am anticipating. (Distances here on the Big Island are deceptively long compared to those of compact little Kauai.) It is an interesting drive, but it is a relief to pull into the sweeping yard that leads up to Kalaekilohana.

Even in near darkness, it is easy to realize that we have landed at a very special place.

As we watch the sun sink beneath the trees, I already wish we were staying here a lot longer.

A Lazy Morning (Saturday, January 12 – Hawaii)
Lei Class
Lane Visits the Sea Turtles
South Point

Along the Kona Coast (Sunday, January 13 – Hawaii)

The Road to Hana (Monday, January 14 – Maui)

View From Our Yard – Evening in Hana

‘Ohe’o Gulch – The “Seven Sacred Pools” (Tuesday, January 15 – Maui)
Lindberg’s Grave
The Road Back from Hana
The Coast South of Makena
Haleakala (Wednesday, January 16 – Maui)
The Ioa Valley

Molikini (Thursday, January 17 – Maui)
A Minor Meltdown
A Room with a View

A Quiet Day at the Pipe (Friday, January 18 – Oahu)

Can’t I Just Stay Here? (Saturday, January 19 – Oahu)
Coastal Splendor
Asian Oasis

Waikiki – 5 p.m. (Sunday, January 20 – Oahu)
Evening Along the Beach

Rainbows Over Waikiki (Monday, January 21 – Oahu)

A Honolulu Holiday

Good-Bye, Hawaii

Our final evening here has arrived.

In search of a relaxing spot from which to watch the sun set, we end up with drinks and pupu at a open-air Tiki bar with a view of the beach.

I wish we weren’t going home now.

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