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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)
Ah, yes, memories of paradise recently visited.Sigh.

At least the temperature here is no longer sub-zero. Still, I’d MUCH rather be back in Hawaii.

The posts:

Hawaii at Last (June 14, 2007)
Gate 60 (Sunday, January 06)

Waimea Canyon (Monday, January 7 – Kauai)

Around Our Neighborhood in Po’ipu (Tuesday, January 8 – Kauai)
Plants, Plants, and More Plants
Kauai from the Air
Sunset Down the Street

Neighborhood Wildlife (Wednesday, January 9 – Kauai)
Spouting Horn
Wailua Falls
Route 580

Sunrise From Our Beach (Thursday, January 10 – Kauai)
Puff the Magic Dragon Lived by the Sea
Na Pali from Ground Level
The Gardens of Bali Ha’i
Beach Time?
Lighthouse Birds
Tropical Beauty Enough for Everyone (Friday, January 11- Hawaii)
Akaka Falls
Sunset from our Window

A Lazy Morning (Saturday, January 12 – Hawaii)
Lei Class
Lane Visits the Sea Turtles
South Point

Along the Kona Coast (Sunday, January 13 – Hawaii)

The Road to Hana (Monday, January 14 – Maui)
View From Our Yard – Evening in Hana

‘Ohe’o Gulch – The “Seven Sacred Pools” (Tuesday, January 15 – Maui)
Lindberg’s Grave
The Road Back from Hana
The Coast South of Makena
Haleakala (Wednesday, January 16 – Maui)
The Ioa Valley

Molikini (Thursday, January 17 – Maui)
A Minor Meltdown
A Room with a View

A Quiet Day at the Pipe (Friday, January 18 – Oahu)

Can’t I Just Stay Here? (Saturday, January 19 – Oahu)
Coastal Splendor
Asian Oasis

Waikiki – 5 p.m. (Sunday, January 20 – Oahu)
Evening Along the Beach

Rainbows Over Waikiki (Monday, January 21 – Oahu)A Honolulu Holiday
Good-Bye, Hawaii

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