Coastal splendor on Oahu, Maui

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2020)

The day starts as my friend Dawn slips behind the wheel again. . .  and we are off exploring the coast of Oahu.

First stop, the park high above picture perfect Hanauma Bay.

Hmmm. . . looks like it would have been a good day for snorkeling. Next trip.

Back in the car we start up the coast.

It is a lovely drive, the road hugging the side of Koko Crater with the ocean bellow. . . then we come around a bend and I can see for miles along the shore. It is heart-stoppingly beautiful.

Stop the car!

Ohau coastline

Dawn’s a bit more cautious than I am, so she finds a safer pull-off and directs me to climb a stairway cut into a large rock to get a better view.

I do as directed and find myself sharing the top of the rock with some sort of shrine. What is this?

Beyond, the hillside rises high above me.

Sandy Beach sprawls in the distance.

And, right below, is a picture-postcard perfect beach almost hidden from view.


Back in the car Dawn informs me that this perfect hidden beach is the one in the movie From Here to Eternity. She probably wouldn’t have pointed that out except, while I was out taking pictures, Lane was divulging the fact that the 1951 novel was my pre-trip reading. (I suspect they both found that amusing.)

As we continue along the coast we pass a number of lovely beaches and stop at a few.

What a gorgeous island!

Hawaii travel journal (2008)

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