Can’t I Just Stay Here?

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2019)

Previous Post: A Quiet Day at the PipeDespite the need to run a few errands, we are slow to get moving this morning.

From Dawn’s kitchen table, the mountains across the valley are framed by the over-sized glass doors, the sweet smell of the tropics wafting in.

Even though we are spending only a few days with her on this trip, we actually came to Hawaii only because Dawn has been encouraging us to visit for years now. (She’s been far more persistent than my other grad-school friend here, Steve, who I also hope to see.) I finally ran out of excuses and, now that I am here, I wonder why I waited so long. Dawn is as delightful as ever and we quickly slip back into the easy camaraderie we shared in grad school. Her family is wonderful and Hawaii is gorgeous. It’s good to be here.

Dawn lives in a mid-century glass and wood box perched high above a lush residential neighborhood. It’s my dream house.

Except, of course, the house still needs major repairs. And, as I stand on the broad deck, admiring views that sweep down toward the ocean, I ask about hurricanes. Dawn sort of shrugs, “It’s been awhile. They’ll be another someday. With all this glass, there’s not a lot we’ll be able to do.” Ok, so it isn’t heaven, but it still looks a lot like it.


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