Akaka Falls

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)
Previous Post: Tropical Beauty Enough for EveryoneThe ticket-taker at the botanical garden had recommended we go to Akaka Falls, which is just up the road.

However, once we arrive we discover you have to walk a ways back to the falls. There are signs everywhere warning you not to leave anything of value in your vehicle. Since we haven’t had a chance to check into our B &B yet, we have EVERYTHING packed in our car and, while our lavender PT Cruiser convertible is cute, it doesn’t offer much in the way of secure storage!

I decide to skip the falls, but Lane says I should go and he will stay in the car and study the map. I feel bad about this, but he insists that he really does not need to see another waterfall, so I take off down the lushly tropical path to the main falls.

The falls itself is great, plunging 420 feet past sheer mossy walls and into a small pool. It is everything a tropical waterfall should be.

Back at the car I tell Lane he really should see it, but he declines and we are off again.

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