A lazy morning at the south end of the Big Island

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(Last Updated On: March 20, 2019)

>It begins to rain soon after we awaken.

I love the sound it makes on the tin roof. . . this might be a good day just to relax.

A little more rain falls during breakfast and then it seems to be over . . . ok, so much for relaxing – let’s go shopping at the farmer’s market in Naalehu!

The market is small, but there are plenty of fruits and vegetables, flowers, and homemade goodies – including exotic-looking rambutan and strange blossoms.

The market also features local coffee (both the local Kau beans and the well-known Kona), so I can check coffee shopping off my list!

I even stop in Will and Grace’s little shop. I’m searching for their award-winning coffee, but, when I ask about an odd-looking vegetable on the counter, an elderly woman responds by feeding me freshly cooked purple sweet potatoes! Beautiful and tasty.

Back at Kalaekilohana it is a lovely morning for sitting on the porch and catching up on my writing. It is a very, very good place to be!


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