A Honolulu Holiday

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(Last Updated On: November 13, 2019)

The rainbows fade and the marchers move along, but Waikiki Beach continues to shimmer enticingly.

Time to get in the water!

Soon we too are splashing and playing out there. It is wonderful.

We also watch the newbie surfers practice. Maybe I should have asked James for a surfing lesson after all . . .

When we tire of playing in the water, we still have most of the afternoon left. What to do next?

The Pearl Harbor museums are near the Bishop Museum, so we decide to start at the Bishop and then finish the afternoon at Pearl Harbor. . . until the hotel staff explains that we will never get into Pearl Harbor at this point in the day.

Ok. So, despite the outrageous cab fare, we are off to the Bishop to see their amazing collection of Hawaiian artifacts. . . . Except, when we arrive, we find that the Hawaiian Hall is closed for remodeling. Dang.

I am getting crabby, but Lane reminds me that we paid a lot to get here, so we might as well see whatever is still on display. So in we go.

The first exhibit we come across features contemporary crafts created at a cultural exchange that Kilohana had participated in told us about. The art is wonderful (and includes pieces by a number of artists with whom we are already familiar) AND they have a video of the event that shows the artists at work. Cool!

My mood restored, we continue on to the amazing collection of Pacific Island artifacts, the sort-of-creepy feather fan display (how many birds died for these?), a fascinating display of Hawaii artifacts related to the Princess for whom the museum is named, and the totally cool three-D video-scope images.

It’s a great way to spend an afternoon.

Now, having had a dose of culture, we return to Waikiki for a little shopping. Well, mostly looking longingly at the luscious garments for sale at Tori Richard.

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