American Indian Art & Culture on the Mall in Washington DC

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2020)

We are in the city to visit Lane’s elderly aunt. She is great to visit, as her mind is still pretty sharp with her quick wit is definitely still intact.

Our visit takes up the bulk of the day, leaving time for just one museum visit.

We choose the National Museum of the American Indian, a relatively new museum that I have not had a chance to visit before, so I am eager to see what they have on display.

Smithsonian Institution

The museum itself has a large open ceremonial space on the main floor, with three lovely boats. The galleries themselves on the upper floors.

And what galleries they are! There is an almost overwhelming exhibit tracing the impact of colonialism on native peoples and then individual exhibits on various tribes (from both North and South America). I like the fact that each tribal exhibit includes a poster with information on the tribal members who put together the exhibit. It seems to reinforce the exhibit’s theme that American natives are real people and that they are still here.

The exhibit I most want to see, called Identity by Design: Tradition, Change, and Celebration in Native Women’s Dresses, was turns out to be simply amazing. There is a whole room filled with gorgeously designed and decorated dresses, most old and made of carefully worked deer hide.

Like UBC’s Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, some of the exhibition space includes pull-out drawers filled with additional items. Unlike UBC’s museum, the Smithsonian has ensured that the drawers are well-lit and that documentation can be easily accessed. It is all neatly organized and very user-friendly.

Actually, the whole museum is pretty user-friendly, with wonderful videos that provide additional information. I could spend days here just watching the videos.

It is a fabulous museum.

I’m adding it to my must-do-whenever-I-am-in-DC list!


Exploring the National Mall in Washington DC 

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