The Two Harbors Lighthouse on Minnesota’s North Shore

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2020)

After a stop to check out the house a friend is building in Little Marais (Hi, Jerry!), we are planning to drive pretty much straight through so we can get home at a reasonable hour tonight. However, sitting at the light in Two Harbors I notice a sign with an arrow that says “Lighthouse.” I ask Lane what the lighthouse here is like and he mumbles something incoherent, so I make the turn.

The route is a little serpentine, but I can see a classic brick lighthouse in the distance.

Two Harbors lighthouse

Who knew?

The parking lot by the lighthouse is filled with cars and people – how odd that there are so many people here on a Thursday afternoon. Is this some kind of high school hang out?

When I get out of the car I realize that a laker is coming in, positioning itself to dock and everyone is scurrying to the pier to watch.

We skip the pier and circle around the lake side of the lighthouse, admiring the lighthouse itself, the shoreline, and the rapidly changing clouds (we just missed one rainstorm, but it appears another is building). It is an enticing scene.

Two Harbors ligthouse

By the time we return to the car, the laker has almost slid into its spot to load. It is amazing to see how fast and smoothly a behemoth like this can slip into such a small space.


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