Peak experiences along Minnesota’s North Shore

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2020)

It is going to be a beautiful day! Time to pack up and get out there.

I like to walk, but I’m not really much of a hiker, being a wimp with no stamina. This morning we decide to try the allegedly short, but steep, trail up Britton Peak. Actually, I want to start with the Oberg Mountain loop, but that trail is longer (although still only a little over two miles). The two trails are near each other, so we choose Britton as a test. If the fall colors are good enough, then we’ll climb Oberg as well.

The trail up Britton Peak is indeed short and steep. The position of the sun pretty much obliterates our view toward the lake, but the view is stunning anyway.

Yup, definitely worth the brief effort involved.

Now, time to see how the scenery looks from Oberg!

The trailhead parking area serves a couple of trails. I hope most people parked here are headed up Leveaux Mountain, because the large parking area is almost full and I really don’t want to be sharing the trail with that many other people.

The trail begins by winds up heavily wooded hillsides – this being Minnesota, Oberg “Mountain” rises only to a height of 1555 feet. Occasionally it is possible to get a glimpse of the brilliantly colored hillsides beyond us. Mostly though, this is a quiet walk through a lovely woods.

At the top we get our first real view of the surrounding landscape.


fall leaves along the north shore

The trail has leveled out now, and it is just a short stroll to the next overlook.

The overlook area is broad and open, providing an expansive view in all directions. There are no fences or railings separating me from the view. It couldn’t be better.

I take my time (ignoring the other visitors lingering near the bench placed well away from the ridge line), lost in the beauty of the scene.

Time to move on – after all, there are five more overlooks to take in!

The trail continues, leading us through the shady woods, to the ridgeline with its stupendous views, and back again.

Really, really nice.

North Shore Colors

Exploring Minnesota’s North Shore

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