Out Amidst the Trees

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(Last Updated On: November 5, 2016)

Perhaps we should be in church today, but it is easy to convince Ken and Hazel to take us out for another hike instead.

But first, a scenic drive along quiet back roads. The surrounding woods just glow – this is such a beautiful time to be here!

At Trout Lake we get out and hike a short distance through the woods.

It is so lovely.

Next we make a quick stop at Spider Lake (where someone apparently has issues with the fishing regulations). This is a great fishing lake, but for us today it is just a short scenic stop along the way.

It is past lunchtime now, so we stop at the (very busy) café in Marcell (which seems to go by a variety of names).

As forewarned by the overworked waitress, lunch takes quite some time to arrive, but the food is good and it’s nice to have the time to sit and talk.

And then it is off for one more hike. This time we stop at a spot along the Laurentian Divide, which marks the point where water on one side flows north into Canada and Hudson Bay while on the other it flows south to the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico. Of course, on this day, it is just seems like a beautiful spot for a walk through the woods.

Now, sadly, Lane and I must say good-bye and be one our way.

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