Naniboujou on Minnesota’s North Shore

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2020)

We head up through Grand Marais, Minnesota, and further north a bit because I want to have lunch at Naniboujou Lodge. I want to see this over-the-top classic for myself.

The drive is lovely.

And Naniboujou doesn’t disappoint. It IS over-the-top – even the exterior hints at that.

Naniboujou lodge

Inside the dining room is every bit as wild as the pictures on the web page.


The lodge claims the designs are Cree. I am not an expert on northern woodland art, but these images are completely unlike anything I associate with the woodland tribes of this area. They do, however, remind me of the designs traditionally found in Central and Southern America. . . perhaps the French artist who painted them was thinking more of the Aztecs as he worked?

North Shore Colors

Exploring Minnesota’s North Shore

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