Vancouver from My Window

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(Last Updated On: March 22, 2019)

I’m sitting in my hotel room with its semi-wrap-around windows, high above the city. And what a city it is, with the mountains and ocean and a lively urban landscape!

Plaza 500, located across from City Hall. (A building I wish I had gone inside to explore, but, as usual, I forgot that was an option. )


I wanted a hotel near Gastown, but was put off by the high prices being asked for what appeared to be pretty dumpy spots located next to social service centers and homeless shelters. I finally gave up and turned to Priceline to bid on a three-star in “downtown.” As you can see, it isn’t actually downtown, but you can see downtown from here. And the neighborhood we are in is mostly a quiet residential area, so this is an ok location. Ambling around here would be a treat. . . if I can drag myself away from my panoramic view.

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