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(Last Updated On: May 16, 2019)

We are still on Minnesota time, so even “sleeping in” leaves us with plenty of time before anything opens for the day. (Even the gardens here have gates and entrance fees.) So we start the day touring the neighborhood around our hotel.I have far better luck seeing rhododendrons than I did at the botanical garden yesterday.

So there are some gardens open so the public this time of day, if you are willing to view them from the sidewalk.

Our hotel is at the edge of a leafy green residential area filled with arts and crafts era homes. A few small Victorians are scattered about. It is a delightful place to walk and seems like a choice neighborhood in which to live. I’m guessing these modest homes must be very expensive.

Or maybe not, as entire blocks of the smaller, more run-down of them are boarded up and awaiting an impending redevelopment project. A few protest signs dot the neighborhood and the local businesses have petitions posted seeking fair treatment for the property owners affected by the project. It is clearly a time of transition here.

I hope they don’t destroy too much – this looks like a neighborhood worth saving. As I walk I wonder what it would be like to live here.

I think it would be good.


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