Fargo From My Hotel Room

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(Last Updated On: March 16, 2019)

It must be a quiet week in Fargo, as I was given an upper floor corner room at the Radisson. At the government rate, this is probably the best hotel deal in the entire upper mid-west.

It certainly provides a perfect vantage point for watching the trains run through town.

I’ve been in Fargo-Moorhead a couple of times since I’ve graduated from college, but I haven’t spent any time there recently.

I kept hearing it had changed, but can’t say I really believed it.

Last night we wandered up and down Broadway and – aside from the fact that you can’t find anything decent to eat after 9:00 p.m. – it was a good place to be. There are an unexpectedly large number of galleries and fun shops and even a bar with live music outdoors. I even started wondering why I had been so eager to leave all those years ago.

Of course, it helped that it was a gorgeous warm spring night. A good night to be outside anywhere.

This morning the view from my window portrayed another perfect summery day. A day I was eager to get out and spend exploring a bit more of Fargo before my meeting.

street scene

street scene

Until I actually walked outside and discovered that the wind was howling on the other side of my window.

Oh yeah, there were some reasons to leave here. The weather being one of them.

Still, the transformation that has occurred is quite amazing and I am eager to come back with my husband and spend some time examining the merchandise in those galleries and shops, eating dinner at HoDo (before nine p.m., of course), walking along the river, and admiring the art in the fabulous-looking Plains Art Museum.

Let’s see, when did they say I need to come up here again for another meeting?

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  1. UPDATE: That was too good too last. In December I had an extremely unpleasant experience here at check-in (the rate I had been quoted was refused and then I was called a liar) and follow-up contact has clarified that they will NOT give a government rate to anyone except federal or ND state employees. So. . . I’ll be staying at the HoJo from now on, where the rooms aren’t as nice but they treat you decent and don’t change their mind about what rate you’ll be charged.

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