Traveling through Cairo, Egypt

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(Last Updated On: March 16, 2019)

Back on the bus, Marvin has Valentine’s candy for each of us. How sweet!

We move slowly through Cairo’s crazy traffic. This looks like a hard city to get around in, with people and traffic all tumbled together in a chaotic jumble.


Cairo streets

green mosque

Actually, the whole city seems to be a chaotic jumble, with buildings old and new crushed against one another, towering minarets standing guard, and a minuscule amount of peaceful green space.

domed building



residential buildings

minarets and domes

skyscrapers and bridge

modern Islamic architecture

It’s all very interesting.

And then there are the roof tops. . . .

roof tops

Evidently Egyptians don’t like to throw anything out, so every roof seems to serve as “storage” for items that aren’t wanted, but haven’t really been thrown out either.

Like I said, it is all very interesting.

Egypt is Awesome!

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