Crossing to the Sinai

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(Last Updated On: March 16, 2019)

The next phase of our trip begins at the ferry terminal, where we catch the “fast ferry” which will zip us across the Red Sea to Sharm El Sheikh in just 90 minutes.

I understood we were to have our own cabin, but maybe what was meant was simply that we would be in the first class cabin. At any rate, we end up sharing the large cabin with a number of other travelers. Because they are scattered throughout the cabin, there are few window seats left. Boo hoo. A noisy group of us (Carole and Wes, Rachel, and others) pile into a booth where a beautiful young woman had been sitting alone near the window. She buries her nose deeper into her book as we excitedly chatter away around her.

Eventually we become more polite and engage her in conversation. Her name is Sally and she works on a sailing ship. (Which I will look up for future reference, as sailing in the Mediterranean is on my “to do” list!) She has been traveling around Egypt on her own and has been out in the desert, which I quiz her about. It sounds wonderful. Next trip.

Although the ferry has large windows, it is hard to see what we are passing and, unfortunately, passengers are not allowed on deck. (Except for beautiful Sally, for whom the male ferry crew would have done ANYTHING. But she is so sweet it is hard to be jealous of the special access she is given.) I pout a little about the inability to go out on deck, as I hate being unable to watch the scenery passing by – even when the “scenery” is mostly open water.

Romani distracts us with picture books on the Sinai, telling stories and showing us pictures of the places we will soon see for ourselves.

As we arrive in Sharm, I catch a fleeting glimpse of the mountains floating far in the distance like a hazy apparition. It looks so beautiful.

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