Evening in northern Thailand

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(Last Updated On: January 25, 2019)

Instead of visiting the Karen, we hang out at the resort for a couple hours, napping, editing photos, working on this journal, and walking through the gardens.

The Teak Garden Spa Resort is a beautiful place, so I wish I had the more time and energy to make use of the pool and the lovely grounds,

but the sun begins to set far too soon.

Evening always catches me by surprise here. Being from a northern place, I guess I expect the hot sunny days here will last as long as a hot summer day at home. Every day the onset of evening surprises me again.

Chris plans to take everyone into town to shop at the night market and eat dinner at the hotel where we had lunch. I plan to visit the Hill Tribe museum (which my guidebook tells me has a great gift shop that is open late) and then eat at Cabbages and Condoms, conveniently located on the main floor of the museum.

Chris and I have a bit of a showdown over this. I plan to take the bus into town with the rest of the group and then get a tuk tuk to take us to the museum and restaurant. (We’ve convinced the Angelinos to join us.) After dinner I figure we can return to the bus or, if we stay out later, arrange transport all the way back to the resort. That seems simple enough.

Chris, however, insists this is a horrible idea.

First, she checks to affirm that this is a waste of time because the museum will be closed.

I’m bummed about the museum, but I still want to eat at the restaurant.

She again recommends the hotel restaurant.

I insist that we don’t want to eat at the hotel again – it was boring and expensive.

She says I should wait and eat at Cabbages and Condoms in Bangkok because that one is fancier.

I tell her there are plenty of other places to eat in Bangkok, but there are not many places to eat here . . . and this is where I want to eat.

Once she determines I’m not going to back down, Chris becomes all sweetness and good will. In town she leaves the rest of the group at the market near the hotel (with strict directions on where it is safe to eat) and escorts us via by tuk tuks to the restaurant. Once there, she arranges for the tuk tuks to return in time for us to catch the bus back to the hotel. (She really is quite a little mother hen.) It’s more help than we really need, but it is kind of her.

The restaurant is busy and noisy (the group behind drinks a prodigious amount of hard liquor over the course of the evening and gets increasingly boisterous), but the inexpensive Thai food is lovely and delicious. (My fried rice dish is packed with flavorful seafood and beautifully presented in a hollowed out pineapple.) It is a wonderful way to end the day – with a little wine, good food, and a few friends.

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