Coffee Break in Phayao, Thailand

(Last Updated On: May 13, 2020)

As we drive through, it appears that Phayao is a lovely and substantial town with a number of lovingly maintained traditional teak homes surrounded by neat gardens. While the day is dark and gray, the town feels restful, rather than gloomy.

As usual, I find it frustrating to drive through such an interesting place without being able to stop, so when we park near a coffee shop (perhaps the Charin Garden) for a rest stop, I am eager to get out and explore.We’ll check out the neighborhood a bit and, by the time we have done so, the line inside the coffee shop will have subsided. The best of all worlds!

To one side of the bus the huge lake lies mirror flat under the gray sky.

Across the street, a few small homes are surrounded by colorful gardens.

I am admiring pastel hibiscus flowers when another bus pulls up and parks outside the coffee shop.

Oh oh. Maybe I should have given more thought to that sign posted by the bus stop before I wandered off!

Apparently this coffee shop is a well-known stop along the route and it looks like the line will be a little longer than I anticipated. . .

It is worth the wait though. I don’t drink coffee, but the fruit drinks and pastries are very, very nice. As an added bonus, a lovely garden wraps around the tables.

It is the perfect place for a stop.

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