Morning on Madeline Island

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(Last Updated On: March 20, 2019)

It was dark when we arrived at the cabin last night, although the full moon illuminated the lake beyond my window. In the morning the view of the lake was clear and lovely, but more surprising was the creek and marsh that embraced the yard.Wow! What a great view.

We lounge around in the cabin for awhile, visiting and lingering over breakfast, and fussing over Craig’s dog when he isn’t monopolizing her himself.

After breakfast, several of us take a walk along the lake shore. Despite a stiff breeze, the lake is peaceful today and the sun is warm.

The cabin we are staying at is large, but sort of a mishmash. A handyman’s special that wasn’t quite fully thought out or completed.

We suspect the remains of a boat sitting nearby in the woods belongs to the same owner.

Another house on the property is quaint on the outside (with cheery sunflowers) and incomplete on the inside. It looks like summer.

Soon it is time to head into Bayfield for Apple Fest.

From the ferry I have a good view back to the quaint shops and houses of La Pointe.

It is a busy weekend for the Madeline Island ferries!

From the top deck of the ferry we have lovely views of Bayfield and the festive crowd we will soon join.

What a lovely morning!

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