A Late Night Flight into SLC

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)

When I go online to check in and print out our boarding passes, I discover that we’ve been moved to different seats – both of us are now on the aisle, but in different rows. Hmmm. A quick check assures me that the window seat is also available in the row where my seat has been assigned. I move Lane to the window seat (which I will actually sit in), check us in, and print out the boarding passes. It isn’t until I actually look at those boarding passes that I realize we have been bumped up to first class.

I like first class. Too bad this is probably the last time I will get to sit there J I had already begun to regret the imminent loss of our elite flier status (Totally by dumb luck I managed to get double miles for the Botswana trip, which made us elite fliers for the first time.) and now I will REALLY miss that status when it expires this winter. I’ve been trying to figure out how to retain it, but it just doesn’t seem likely. Maybe next year.

Anyway, first class is nice and I try to take full advantage of my complimentary glass of wine, snack, and comfy seat.

It is late when we get into Salt Lake (the reason we were able to get an upgrade) and it takes a long, long time for our luggage to arrive – particularly for my luggage to arrive. Lane’s was one of the first ones on the carrousel once they finally started to arrive. (Salt Lake doesn’t have that big of an airport and a 45 minute wait at 11 p.m. seems a bit excessive.) My luggage takes even longer. Despite its pretty yellow “priority” tag, it is almost the last piece to drop onto the carrousel.

At the Budget rental office (conveniently located right inside the airport), we are give a brand new Ford Taurus. Like some other rental cars we’ve had over the years, it still has tape on it. It is amazing how often we get these brand new cars. Tonight we appear to have gotten a new car because it is literally the last car in the lot: The only other option is a 10 passenger van.

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