Home Again After Our Utah Adventure

(Last Updated On: May 12, 2020)

We had a really great trip. (My conference was good too.)

I’m working on getting my posts together and posted, but between the two of us, I’m estimating there are over 2,000 pictures to sort through – and that’s after throwing out the worst of them as we went along. It’s going to take me awhile to clean up and expand on my (sometimes cryptic) notes and then size and add all the photos. Stay tuned though, because I’ll keep plugging along on it.

Trying to get ready for Utah

It has been hot here and I feel like I am behind on everything, but I know I have to finish getting ready for the Utah trip soon — too soon.

Utah – August 2006

Along the Way to Capitol Reef (Wednesday, August 2)

Rather than following the Interstate south as far as we can, at Nephi we pick up Highway 89. From here we can slip over to Mount Pleasant and Spring City before heading down through Manti and Salina and then on to Capitol Reef National Park.

Ending the Dayat Capitol Reef (Wednesday, August 2)
Leaving via the Scenic Backway (Thursday, August 3)
The Burr Trail and Highway 12 to Bryce (Thursday, August 3)
Evening at Bryce (Thursday, August 3)
Fairyland (Friday, August 4)
Kodachrome Basin (Friday, August 4)
Touring Bryce (Friday, August 4)
Sunrise at Bryce (Saturday, August 5)
Red Canyon (Saturday, August 5)
Along the Way to Zion (Saturday, August 5)
Evening Along the River (Saturday, August 5)
Morning at Zion (Sunday, August 6)
East of Zion (Sunday, August 6)

Arizona – August 2006

Searching for Sunset at the Grand Canyon (Sunday, August 6)
Sunrise at Point Imperial (Monday, August 7)
Along the Cape Royal Road (Monday, August 7)
A Mule Trip (Monday, August 7)
Sunset Again (Monday, August 7)
Morning at Bright Angel (Tuesday, August 8)
On the Road in Northern Arizona (Tuesday, August 8)
Antelope Canyon (Tuesday, August 8)
Sunset at Monument Valley (Tuesday, August 8)
The Goosenecks (Wednesday, August 9)
Natural Bridges in the Rain (Wednesday, August 9)
Hovenweep (Wednesday, August 9)

Colorado – August 2006

Morning at Mesa Verde (Thursday, August 10)
Afternoon at Mesa Verde (Thursday, August 10)
A Morning Tour at Mesa Verde (Friday, August 11)
???? (Friday, August 11)
Evening at Cliff Palace (Friday, August 11)


Newspaper Rock (Saturday, August 12)
Dead Horse Point (Saturday, August 12)
An Evening at Arches (Saturday, August 12)
Almost Sunrise at Arches (Sunday, August 13)
Floating Down the Colorado (Sunday, August 13)
On the Way to Park City (Sunday, August 13)
A Taste of the Olympics (Tuesday, August 15)

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