Peru: Lunch Stop in the Sacred Valley

Lucho promises we will like the place he is taking us for lunch.

We stop at what looks like an old hacienda (although I think it is actually new construction). It is surrounded by gardens that slope down to the Urumbamba river. The structure, the gardens, and the location are all perfect.

Peru - ExplorationVacation 2006-01-01_14_35_13Peru - ExplorationVacation 2006-01-01_14_27_39Peru - ExplorationVacation P1010033_1 Peru - ExplorationVacation P1010028_0Peru - ExplorationVacation P1010034_3Peru - ExplorationVacation P1010035_0Peru - ExplorationVacation P1010027_0Peru - ExplorationVacation P1010024Oh, and the food (served buffet-style) is wonderful too.


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