Celebrating the Holidays in South America

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(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Around Miami

Christmas in Miami (December 25)
Marvelous Miami Deco (December 26)


Arrival (December 27)
Touring in Lima (December 27)
A few thoughts about Lima (December 27)
Introduction to Cuzco (December 28)
Sacsayhuaman (December 29)
A Shopping Trip (December 29)
On our own in Cuzco (December 29)
Along the way to Machu Picchu (December 30)
Machu Picchu in the Rain (December 30)
A Perfect Morning at Machu Picchu (December 31)
Aguas Caliente (December 31)
New Year’s Eve in Cuzco (December 31)
Chincheros in the Sacred Valley (January 1)
Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley (January 1)
Lunch in the Sacred Valley (January 1)
Pisac’s Market (January 1)


Quito (January 2)
North of Quito (January 3)
To the Galapagos (January 4)
Aboard the Galapagos Explorer (January 4)
The Galapagos: Morning on Espanola Island (January 5)
The Galapagos: Afternoon on Santa Cruz Island (January 5)
The Galapagos: Morning on Genovesa Island (January 6)
The Galapagos: Afternoon at Darwin Bay (January 6)
Leaving the Galapagos (January 7)
Quito’s Basilica (January 8)
A Parade Through Quito (January 8)
Old Town Quito (January 8)
Above Quito (January 8)
To the Cloud Forest (January 9)

The Details

Notes and Comments (January 10)

All photos are mine unless otherwise noted.

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