Peru: Visiting Sacsayhuaman

(Last Updated On: May 10, 2020)

Cuzco is a vibrant town, dotted with archaeological sites. Venture this morning to the outskirts of Cuzco to visit the amazing ruins of Sacsayhuaman, an Inca architectural masterpiece. From this fortress enjoy fabulous views of the city below.

Sacsayhuaman sits high on the hillside above Cuzco, a constant reminder of the city’s glorious past as the center of the Incan world.

This Inca fortress has massive walls that zig-zag along the hillside, echoing the base of the mountains beyond.

We are told that most of the fortress is no longer here, having been dismantled by the Spanish and hauled into Cuzco for use in various colonial structures. When the Inca held their ceremonies here, the walls towered three times higher than they do today. It must have been an awesome site.

Now it feels desolate and lonely. Even our large group seems to dissipate in the large open meadow at the base of the massive fortress.

Visitors are allowed to follow pathways up and through the fortress. The whole site is too big to put into perspective and the structures that once stood within are almost completely gone, adding to the visual confusion. Even the formations that do remain seem isolated and disconnected from each other and from the fortress itself.

stone walls at Inca ruins of Sacasyhuaman

On the other hand, the city of Cuzco, its red tile roofs spread across the valley below, is clearly recognizable from above. Even from this height the plaza forms an inviting oasis of green in front of the Cathedral. Beyond the jumble of red tile roofs, the mountains rise, some marked with the graffiti of rival school groups.

The views on all sides are amazing.

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