Peru: Arrival in Lima

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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2018)
Early morning arrival in Lima, Peru’s diverse capital.

The earth is obscured by clouds until we begin our approach into Lima. At first all I can see is water. Finally a fishing fleet comes into view, followed by the coast itself and then an assortment of large industrial facilities. Soon we are skimming low over the city to make our landing.

P1010057 fishing fleet outside Lima - ExplorationVacationWhile we undertake the usual foreign arrival activities – waiting to use the bathroom, to clear customs, to get our luggage – we watch the other passengers, wondering who will be on our tour. A few are easy to spot, but most aren’t until they, like us, put on the tour company buttons we have been told to wear so our guide can identify us. Then we have a friendly competition seeing who can be the first to spot each member of our tour group.Our bags, along with those of our friends, are almost literally the last four pieces to land on the carrousel. We grab them and scurry to figure out where the rest of the group has gone. We quickly find them (Lima’s airport isn’t that big) and I catch most of our guide’s brief outline of the day while Lane and Mark scramble to get cash at a nearby ATM. Then we are hustled out of the airport to find our bus. Outside the day is dark, the air heavy and warm.

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