Botswana: Morning At Chobe

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2020)

Lane and I get up early to finish packing before the game drive.We decide that I will distribute the tips to the staff. We think this will confuse them: It seems they have as many misplaced preconceptions about us as we probably have about them and we enjoy upending their expectations a bit. I explain to each that we are leaving early, thank them for both the general service they have provided us and for specific things we have appreciated (OT’s excellent meals, Dick’s help identifying birds), and give them their money. Then we are in the truck and off.It is a quiet morning for a game drive.

We see a beautiful carmine bee eater.

There are few creatures along along the road and the morning is hot. All is still and quiet.

However, there are very few animals along the river’s edge, not even birds.

A regal tawny eagle keeps watch from a high tree, but he seems to be the only one keeping watch.

When we reach the nearby elephant carcass, the lions seem to have abandoned their kill, although the lack of scavengers on the kill itself (but skulking about in the trees) indicates they are still somewhere out of sight, but nearby.

A lovely, but shy, roan antelope watches us, keeping its distance. (Another antelope for our long and still expanding list.)

I’m interested in the vegetation. The dry landscape above the river is punctuated with bushy green shrubs that the elephants won’t eat and there are funny puffy white flowers on some of the bushes.

As I photograph the shrubbery, a lone sable wanders past.

Soon we reach Kasane.

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