Privacy disclosure

I don’t have any interest in collecting your data except to understand in aggregate who is visiting my website and what they are looking at or to respond to comments and requests for information.

Unless you contact me directly via a comment or email, I have no way of knowing who you are or where you are located.

Anonymous user data

I use Google Analytics, but at a very basic level. That means Google tracks your IP address to know if you are a new or returning visitor, what posts you have viewed and how long you looked at each one, what system you use, and where you (or at least your IP address) is located.  It then aggregates that information and presents it to me in basic charts. I may also share that aggregated information with potential sponsors so they can see how popular I am. This is the same data collected by all websites – I don’t use any enhanced data collection.

Word Press seems to also collect this same aggregate data to present to me in charts that are a little prettier than Google’s.

RSS feed

If you subscribe by RSS, you fall under the privacy policy of the service you are using.

Affiliate links

Affiliate links on my webpages take you to the affiliate site – currently TripAdvisor – and at that point their privacy policy comes into play. As part of the TripAdvisor affiliation, a third party affiliate manager collects anonymous tracking data to show that you actually linked to TripAdvisor from my site and then from there to a booking provider. That’s how they know to pay me a commission.

Email newsletter data

If you provide me your email address, I will occasionally send you a newsletter. I use a service called MailChimp, which means that both MailChimp and I have access to your email address. I do NOT share that list with anyone else, and MailChimp promises the same.

Comments, contacts, etc.

You leave comments on the website at your own risk. While there is only a limited amount of personal information visible on the website itself, it is a public forum. In addition, I do get the email address for anyone commenting and it is stored somewhere in WordPress. I do not save or compile these email addresses in any other place, but if you get a private response to a comment posted on the website, that is how I knew how to reach you.

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