Ziploc packing

I’m one of those people who want to take lots of stuff with me when I travel, but I don’t want to haul around a huge suitcase. That can be a bit of a challenge.

However, while the basic laws of physics still apply, I’ve found a low-cost grocery store basic that can help me stretch those laws a little: the Ziploc bag.

Suitcase packed using Zip lock bags -

These bags are great for packing – just divide your clothes into small groups and tuck them into the resealable bags, squeeze the air out, and seal them shut. (I’m partial to the half-gallon and gallon size. The two-gallon bags work for larger items, but they are harder to squeeze the air out of, leak more quickly, and don’t hold up well for repeated use.) The initial vacuum will compress your clothes into a compact little package that will make your suitcase seem larger than it is.

The bags won’t stay completely air-free indefinitely, but they’ll stay compact long enough for you to tuck a few extra items in your bag. . . and all your clothes will be neatly sorted when you open your bag!

Any brand of air-tight resealable bag will work, but Ziploc seems to be the most well-known. There are bags available that are specifically for travel, but the grocery store variety are inexpensive and handy.


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