Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

It is miserably hot and humid at home this week, but we are escaping to spend a few days exploring the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore with friends.

The Apostle Islands are located along Lake Superior’s South Shore.

National Park Service Map

It’s a beautiful area within sight of Bayfield, Wisconsin, and the surrounding shore. However, it is one of those “so
near and yet so far” sort of places – while there is regular ferry service between Bayfield and Madeleine Island, most of the other islands are less accessible.

Of course, we’ve always thought that having a boat of our own (a rental has always counted as “our” boat) is the best way to see the islands. It also provides flexibility for touring, the fun of sailing, and
lodging while out in the islands.

We used to come here every year to sail, but we haven’t made it up here for quite a while now. (The last time we were here was October, 2006, and then we just stayed on Madeline Island.) It’s a wonderful mix of small town charm and northern wilderness. . . and a great place to sail when the weather is accomodating.

While it’s always great just to be out on the water, with little wind in the forecast, I am hoping that there will be a chance to explore the sea caves on either Sand Island or Devil’s Island. Of course, lack of wind would make it safe to explore the caves, while making getting to those caves quite a challenge. So, we’ll see.

Devil’s Island – National Park Service Photo

Given the challenge of reaching the caves, a lighthouse tour is also a possibility. The islands have eight historic lighthouses on six islands and I’ve only seen a couple of them.

Old Michigan Island Lighthouse — National Park Service Photo
Sand Island Lighthouse — National Park Photo  

It may not be much cooler up there and there may not be much wind, but we’ll be out on the water with people we enjoy in a very, very lovely place. It’s all good.

Exploring the Apostle Islands

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