Photo Thursday: A Foxy Wedding Crown

A girlfriend has been looking to buy a Swedish wedding crown, which is probably why this one, on display in Georgetown, caught my eye.


Ok, maybe it was the fox that caught my eye.

I’m not sure this one is actually for sale – it sort of looks as if it might be the shop’s symbol. . . and you would have to get it away from that fox. And really, unless you are a wealthy benefactor who wants to donate one to the local church, you don’t buy a wedding crown. You borrow one from the church or, here in Minnesota, from the American Swedish Institute.

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Happy Holidays to all!

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2 thoughts on “Photo Thursday: A Foxy Wedding Crown”

  1. Cool photo! I think I'd leave that crown to the fox, too. Didn't know how one would actually get a Swedish wedding crown (not that I'll have a need) — interesting!

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