On the Minnesota Side of the Mississippi, North of La Crosse

It’s too nice a day to spend all of it inside, so after when we wrap up our meeting, we take a tour of the area.Most of our tour is focused on changes to the highway system or bike trails — which I have a hard time turning into good photographs. However, we do stop at the I-90/US 61 rest area, which provides a good view of the (rather boring) I-90 Dresbach Bridge.

I’ve been hearing about this bridge for a long time because it keeps coming up as a bridge in need of rehabilitation or replacement, so I thought I should at least take a picture of it while I have the chance!

What you can’t tell from this picture and what I couldn’t figure out how to capture elsewhere is how gorgeous and dramatic the river is in this area. While the main channel of the Mississippi itself is wide here, there seem to be channels, back waters, and marshes everywhere. The view from all the bridges here is simply gorgeous.

Lock and dam number 7 is also located near the rest area. I ask my host if you can get out to the locks there and he confesses he has never been down there and thus does not know. That seems like an invitation to check it out, so as soon as our tour ends I head back to see what’s what.

The view of the lock and dam is pretty limited, but it is still an interesting scene.

Most people seem to come here to fish in the quiet waters just off to the side.

Of course, since it is spring, I’m interested in the landscaping. . .

So there, Tom. Now you know what is down there 🙂

I’m headed home, so I continue up highway 61 (Minnesota’s Great River Road) with the top down to better enjoy the river and the spectacular bluffs that tower above.

It’s a great day for a drive!

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